Pool Covers

There are many reasons why pool covers are great. Not only do they save you time and money, but they also pay for themselves. Below are list of benefits:

  • Reduce the time spent maintaining your pool.
  • Cut back on your electricity costs.
  • Reduce your pools water consumption.
  • Save money on chemicals for the pool.
  • Keep kids and pets safe.
  • Keeps leaves out of your pool, when you’re not using it.

Solid PVC Pool cover

MPI Solid Covers are heat welded together and not stitched making them very strong and durable. You do not need to run the pump or add any chemicals whilst the cover is on the pool.

  • Stops the growth of algae
  • Prevents sand and fine debris entering the pool Can support 100kg as it uses the pool water as a support. 
  • Easy to remove
  • Shaped to fit any pool
  • Secured to the brickwork with stainless steel hooks Long life expectancy
  • Can be used with a roll up station
  • Keeping your pets safe.

PVC Pole pool cover

The PVC Pole Cover is not attached to the brickwork around the pool. It uses a system of aluminium poles which slide through reinforced pockets lengthwise and rests on the brickwork around the pool. It is held in place on the one side of the cover with anchor bolts and on the other side  with ratchets which can be tightened to your requirements.

The PVC Pole Cover is heat welded together. UV resistant.

Child safe

It can take a weight of 100kgs

The Pole Cover has small holes in the cover to allow rain water to pass through it.

Safety Net

Leaf Net pool cover

The leaf net material is UV treated with a reinforced hem to last longer than your average pool net. It is attached to the brickwork with stainless steel hooks, brass eyelets and adjustable straps for easy on off removal.

  • It stops leaves falling in the pool but fine debris will pass through the cover.
  • It is shaped to fit any pool.
  • Stops water evapouratuion
  • Stops chemical consumption
  • Can support the weight  of a small dog.

solar blanket

We supply and fit the 400 micron solar blanket. Heats up the pool

Colour blue

Energy Guard ST Solar blanket

Reduces pump running time and chemicals and heats up the pool

Sol-Guard solar blanket

Warms the pool up an extra 6 to 8 degrees in summer works very well with heat pumps and solar panels.